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We have our second live-chat review for the new music video! And it’s amazing!  The awesome ladies @BitchesGetRich podcast, Kitty & Piggy just posted their impressions and feelings about the new project on their terrific YouTube show “BITCHES GET RICHES.” Please check it out and give your support!  Here’s the link:   “WOW!  You ladies are absolutely my new favorite people. Thank you so much for sharing yourselves, and your appreciation for the art!  -Three cheers for Kitty & Piggy! -cdo”

We are thrilled to announce that preproduction for our film, Empire Queen has begun!.  These fantastic producers have signed-on up to help make some magic on the screen, and take the project to the finish line. Kiki Korol, Jason Schulz, Jerry Biederman, Jennifer Barlow, and CDO.  Additionally, Jennifer Barlow will be expertly editing the film.  This is CDO’s 11th project with Jennifer. I’m so excited to begin making this crazy vision I’ve had for years, & thrilled with our amazing producing team -cdo

Filming has officially begun for the feature film adaptation of the SHINE TRILOGY music videos. Locations will include Portland & Los Angeles The film stars; Ciel Post as Arra Winter, Mary Elise Hayden as Queen Wendolyn, Jason Schulz as Captain Montgomery Sterling, Jano Janosik as Lord Voss, and Chris Dane Owens as Commander Jade Cross.  The script is written by CDO and Jason Schulz.  We are off and running -cdo

Composer, Nicholas Repetto has signed on to write the original score for the EMPIRE QUEEN movie.  Nick will be working with a full symphony orchestra and 30 member choir to create a big studio sound for the film.  We are all just delighted to be working with Nick. -cdo

EMPIRE QUEEN is done filming and now in Post Production. The sound mix and color correction for the movie are being done by the pros at Warner Bros. Studios, Motion Picture Imaging and Warner Bros. Post Production Sound. -This is beyond thrilling to all of us. The WB sound quality and image are terrific, and have taken the film to another level! -cdo The Movie is done!!  It’s time to look for distribution.  As soon as we have a deal in place and our premiere dates set, we will announce them.  -Holy Smoke! We did it! -cdo

We are very pleased to share the new Chris Dane Owens music video with everyone.  “Do You Believe in Miracles?’ is the 3rd song in the SHINE TRILOGY and is now live on YouTube.

We have our first review for the new music video.  The guys at MEGA64 just posted a review on their popular YouTube webcast. We have loved Mega64 since SHINE ON ME came out, and they have always been great supporters of the art.  Their comments start around 16 minutes into the broadcast, as they watched the video live and shared thoughts and impressions.    Thanks so much to Rocco and the Mega64 team. You guys are the best! -cdo

DWEEBCAST: CDO just did an on-camera interview for DWEEBCAST, on Larry King’s digital network, OraTV.  Host, Andy Riesmeyer and CDO chat about his new music video and single “LIGHT SPEED” as well as taking 10,000 people out for dinner. Check it out. “This was my favorite interview so far. I am really grateful to the producers, Andy and Jesse for asking me.”-CDO

RADIO INTERVIEW: CDO was recently interviewed by comedian, Jason Hadley on his Indie-100 radio show, "THE HADLEY HOUR." The two guys talked for an hour about all sorts of things, while Jason spun trax from the CDO record, BLUE STONE. A special YouTube version of the interview has been produced, which features a 100 picture slide show.  "I had a fantastic time hanging out Jason. Super funny guy." -CDO

WILLIAM SHATNER – Interview:  Film and TV star, William Shatner, and musician, Chris Dane Owens sit down and enjoy a glass of wine together, in this unique on-camera program.  The show is called “William Shanter’s - Brown Bag Wine Tasting”  which is carried on Larry King’s OraTV, and has included celebs such as Adam Carolla. “Wow! This was a huge thrill for me. William is; a legend in the industry, a very kind man,  and of course, my favorite Enterprise Captain. More wine please” -CDO

TWITTER:  Chris Dane Owens is now on Twitter!  You can follow him at @CDO7 

ESQUIRE MAGAZINE:  Check out this interesting article about actor William Shatner and director, JJ Abrams. CDO gets a little plug as well. Plus, just scroll to the bottom of the article, and click on the vid to see a promo clip for William’s new show on OraTV. The clip features CDO’s recent appearance on the program. You can also hear the new single “Light Speed” playing throughout the spot. “Thanks Esquire!”-CDO      

BELLA, MUSIC VIDEO & SINGLE: Check out the new single and music video; "The Way I Am" by Bella Bazarria, available now on iTunes.  In the band, Cherish Alexander sings lead, and plays bass, CDO is on guitars, Jano Janosik plays Drums, and Johnny Cox is on guitar. CDO directed the stylized Docu-style music video as well. "The music video is a great snapshot of the last 2 years of our lives, playing lots of shows in LA and recording in EastWest studios. It was a real blast playing with these gifted musicians." -CDO 

Check out the first CDO podcast interview of 2014 on the show “Fascinating Nouns” hosted by Daniel J. Glenn. The guys chat about; making the “Light Speed” music video, growing up in Hollywood,  Bella Bazarria, and Reality TV .  You can find the Podcast on Itunes, or at this link  

New for 2014....The LIGHT SPEED music video is here!!  “I want to give a big thanks to everyone who has encouraged this video into existence. Thank you from the bottom of my heart” -CDO

Digital artist and Art Director Aimee Stewart has joined the production team for the new video as Producer and production designer. Check out her amazing work at

Special Salute to Producers Gev Babityan, Jason Schulz and Aimee Stewart, for doing an amazing job on the LIGHT SPEED Production. “Best team ever!”-CDO

The lovely actress, Cielle Thompson comes back for her role as ARRA, in the new music video. “Cielle is such an important part of this video series, I am so happy she is back as the lead. I have some exciting action scenes for her this time.”-CDO

Announcement; the sequel to SHINE ON ME is in production right now. The song is called LIGHT SPEED from the Blue Stone CD. The video is expected to drop in late 2013 or early 2014, depending how post-production goes. "I have wanted to do this video for a long time, and am thrilled to be able to bring this to the fans"-CDO

Big thanks to Rocco and the guys at MEGA 64 for giving a shout out for the new music video. “Love you guys” -CDO  Check out the link here.

Check out the New Single and Music Video "The Way I am" by Bella Bazarria, available now on iTunes.  CDO plays guitar in the band, and Cherish Alexander sings lead. "The music video is a great snapshot of the last 2 years of our lives, playing shows and recording in studios. It was a real blast" -CDO

CDO ON A NEW TV SHOW: Keep an eye out for the new FUSE Network show called OFF BEAT. CDO went down to Tribecca West for an interview with host Mike E. Winfield. They chatted on camera for half an hour about life, love, music, fantasy films, bad ass ninjas and green Gretsch guitars. ("This was really fun to do. Mike E. is a prince of a guy. I really hope people enjoy the show." -CDO)

LIVE GIGS: Recently CDO has been rockin in LA with good friend Cherish Alexander and the guys in Bella Bazarria. The alt-rock band has been playing lots of high profile live shows including. The El Rey Theatre, The Roxy, and The Key Club to name a few. Stand by for a House Of Blues gig coming soon. For more info and live videos visit:

NEW SIDE PROJECT: CDO is also jamming on lead guitar these days with the new rock band BELLA BAZARRIA. Their debut album "13" is now available for download everywhere on iTunes and Amazon. CDO has jammed with Bella lead singer, Cherish Alexander on a number of musical endeavors. They first met (back when Cherish was in The Painkillers) while working on a project CDO was producing for Lionsgate, and became fast friends. "Hey you guys, if don't know already and have wondered who the gifted female singer on the SHINE ON ME song is, well check out her new band and Cd, Cherish rocks"-CDO

SHINE ON TEXAS!... We are pleased to announce that the Shine on Me video is now playing on the University Of Texas at Austin, TV station. Their powerful signal is the only FCC approved college station in America and is also carried on Time Warner Television channel 29. "Thanks so much for the great support you guys. It means a lot to me. Hope to get to Austin soon"-CDO

ACTION!..Take a look at the new Bella Bazarria video for their song FIX. It was directed by CDO, and shot at various locations in Los Angeles." We wanted to give this video a sort of Carnival/ Moulin Rouge vibe, hope you all enjoy it. It was a really fun shoot." -CDO

VIVA LA FRANCE… The French Television show FORMAT COURT has just broadcast a whole segment about CDO, the Blue Stone CD and the SHINE video. It included interviews, songs and some hip behind the scenes clips as well. "Merci beaucoup!"-CDO

NEW CDO T-Shirts… Take a look at the new official CDO T-shirts recently posted for sale on the Merch site. There are several designs with the CDO Crest-Shield heraldry, as well as some "Love Has Enemies" and SUPERHUMAN looks as well.

NEW AMBIENT VIDEOS… CDO will be producing a series of "Ambient Videos" to accompany various Official song releases off his Blue Stone Cd. Check out the first two vids for, WICKED and LIGHT SPEED, and watch for SUPERHUMAN and several others in the next few weeks. Click the CDOYouTube Channel here to take a look: "Lots of recording artists post their songs on-line with just a photo of their album cover, which is great, but I thought I would produce something a little more visually dynamic. Hope you like them"- CDO

High-fives to the guys in the Grammy winning band OK Go, who are guest programming on Australia’s longest running music video show called RAGE, on ABC-TV.  We just got word that they are playing the CDO video “Shine On Me” as part of their top video picks.  OK Go is well known for their innovative and entertaining videos and upbeat rock tracks. Check them out at  (Thanks guys, I really dig your new video for “End Love” - Cdo)

In a new song called “Need To Know” multi-talented singer/songwriter Cherish Alexander teams up with producer Damian Valentine, on a track featuring Cherish on lead vocals and CDO providing back-ups . This UFO disclosure song was envisioned by writer/producer Bryce Zabel and his wife Jackie. Check it out here:  and watch out for the fascinating new book “A.D. After Disclosure” by Richard M. Dolan and Bryce Zabel.   Anyone acquainted with CDO, knows that he’s really interested in UFO’s and the probability that Earth has, and is, being visited by higher orders of intelligence. (Thanks so much for letting me be a part of this special project!-Cdo)

CDO is very proud to be a part of the Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait. If you are a fan of MJ and would like to have your own “dot” in this amazing tribute, please go here.

Cherish Alexander, the fantastic solo artist who sings with CDO on Shine On Me, Pure and several other tracks on his new album, just signed a deal with XYZ Records out of Germany for European distribution of her wonderful CD entitled Fallen Awake. Pease visit: to spend more time with this talented singer.

The Shine On Me single will be featured in a new movie! CDO just did a deal with the Co-creators of the film “Hoodwinked” (with Anne Hathaway, Glenn Close and Anthony Anderson). Their new movie is called “Jeffie Was Here” and is a quirky indie comedy. Look out for that later this year.

Off to Japan.... CDO is heading to Tokyo later this year to promote the new album. This will be his 5th trip there, and he is really looking forward to Cherry Blossoms, Bullet Trains, and meeting some of the amazing fans.

Take a look at the new interview with Chris for the magazine Gendance. In it, they chat about riding motorcycles as a kid, sketching production storyboards, and some of his inspirations. Just go to his “Press” section.

If you are interested in seeing some of the behind-the-scenes highlights from the recording of the Blue Stone album and filming of the Shine On Me video, then check out the new video posted on the homepage. This three and a half minute clip was produced for TV in Europe. It shows lots of the gifted people CDO and Damian Valentine teamed up with to create the new album, and an exciting glimpse of the entire production team and locations behind the music video. 

CDO was recently invited down to hang out with the cool people who produce and create the show Family Guy. They are fans of the Shine On Me music video and gave Chris the full tour of the production offices, and even did some drawings of “Peter Griffin” as CDO, in fantasy situations from the music video.

The new CDO album is now available for download on Itunes in over twenty countries.

Here is a new article that just came out in the Examiner.
Click on the link to check it out.

The new CDO album BLUE STONE is now available on Amazon Mp3 in the US!  Itunes will have the 11 track Cd available any moment, and the 2 disc Dvd/Cd set is in the works. Here is the link to Amazon.

The first teaser shots for the next music video are now up. To check them out, just go here 

Here's a new CDO interview at  CDO talks about the new CD, plans for the next video, and the latest news; a fantasy/adventure book series written with acclaimed author Eldon Thompson. (This has been really exciting for me to work with Eldon and Bob on the saga. It sure has come a long way from a bunch of funky drawings in my notebook!- cdo)

Hats off to the guys at, who did a special Shine On Me video presentation for the 2009 Independent Games Festival awards at the Game Developers Conference in California. (You guys rock!!-cdo)

SHINE ON ME director Robert Short, CDO and the film production team begin pre-production planning for the next installment in the Third Kingdom music video trilogy. Lots of adventure ahead!!  

Entertainment journalists Marilyn Beck & Stacy Jenel Smith at the “Hollywood Exclusive” salute SHINE ON ME in a new article.

According to the site webmaster the CDO website has officially crossed over 3 million visitors since December 5th. (”Thank you all so much for coming to visit this site, I hope you enjoy what we have created so far, and find a connection to what lies ahead.” –cdo)

In January, the first three singles; “SHINE ON ME,” ”LIGHT SPEED,” and “SUPERHUMAN” from the new BLUE STONE album debuted on Itunes international,, and many other Mp3 outlets around the world.

Music producer Damian Valentine, mixer Chris Garcia and CDO, get the new album 90% mixed and nearly ready for mastering and pressing. This will be a 2-disc set and will include the widescreen DVD version of the SHINE ON ME music video.

The first official CDO online-store is launched. Check it out by linking to it from the “Merch” button on the website menu.

CDO does a guest appearance on the top rated morning radio show “Rover’s Morning Glory.” This Clear Channel show is syndicated and carried on WMMS (Cleveland) Ohio, WMFS (Memphis) Tennessee and WZNE (Rochester) New York.

SHINE ON ME music video is featured on the G4 Television Network’s “Attack of the Show” program. (“Thanks you guys, you really got the ball rolling for the project. I’m going to name my new dog 'Attack' after you” –cdo)

ROLLING STONE music journalist Steve Appleford and CDO chat about the music video, the upcoming CD, and plans for more fantasy adventure music videos. (“This was a huge thrill for me. Thanks Steve!!”-cdo)

CDO does the LA Talk Radio show “Hey, Girl, Hey!” with radio personality Morgan Cline. Check it out at


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